The Miller Legacy

A true dynasty in Taekwon-Do

Grandmaster Miller is part of a large family – 5 brothers and 1 sister. All the brothers
(in order of age) Michael, Gary, David, Ian, and Mark promoted to Black Belt under the
Pioneer of British Taekwon-Do, Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha- an impressive feat.

It all started back in 1974 when Grandmaster Miller’s elder brother Michael began training in
Taekwon-Do. Having seen (and often feeling) the impressive effects of the martial art, GM
Miller decided to start lessons too. Gradually, all the brothers began training and over the
years they taught Taekwon-Do across Oxfordshire and Berkshire, all going on to grade further.

As part of the 100 Year Anniversary of the birth of TKD Founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi, on 9 th
November 2018 GM Miller was promoted to the rank of Grandmaster in Pyongyang, DPR

Korea, by ITF President Prof. Ri Yong Son. Although no longer training, Mr Ian Miller holds
5th Degree. Mr Michael Miller, who died aged 38 in a motorcycle accident, held a 4th
Degree. Mark is also an International Instructor having trained on the ITF Special Courses in
Moscow 1990 & in Slovakia 2006 under Master Ri Yong Sok VIII. David currently holds a
2nd Degree. Heidi Miller (Master Miller’s sister) holds a 5th Kup.

In the second generation of Taekwon-Do Millers, Grandmaster Miller’s eldest daughter Kirsty
currently holds a 4th Degree while his other daughter, Faye, holds a 2 nd Degree. Both Kirsty
and Faye now assist GM Miller in teaching the Didcot TKD Children’s Class. His son, Liam,
also trains and was promoted to 3rd Degree in 2019. Danielle and James (Michael’s children)
both achieved 3rd Kup. David’s son Darren (Died 2002 aged 16) was an 8th kup, and his
daughter Kimberley practised up to 6th Kup. Mark’s son Rees is 8th kup while Ian’s son
John is a 10th kup.The newest generation of Miller’s is still going strong in Taekwon-Do- Faye’s eldest daughter Grace is currently a 4th kup blue belt, while James’ two eldest sons, Brodie and Harry, both hold a 9th kup. All three train together at the children’s class. 

So the Miller family is a real TKD dynasty!