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"Soldiers are as strong as the general who leads them, and in a like manner, students can only excel under an excellent instructor. We cannot expect a bamboo to grow in a field of reeds, nor would we expect to find an outstanding pupil under an unqualified teacher."
General Choi Hong Hi

Lead Instructor

Grandmaster Gary Miller


For many TKD students it feels like the art is “in their blood”. The same can be said for GM Gary Miller. As one of five brothers, all promoted to black belt under Pioneer and former ITF Senior Vice President Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha and who taught their own schools, it was difficult to escape the daily regime of Taekwon-Do practice, debate

and discussion.


Following a hugely successful competition career as firstly a competitor (1982 — 92) and then ITF England team coach (1993 — 98), GM Miller has spent the last 22 years involved in Umpire & Referee training and certification. This includes the position of Vice President of the EITF Umpire Committee, where he has been instrumental (With Grandmaster Michael Prewett) in the development of the current EITF Umpire Course and training programme. 


GM Miller is also authorised by ITF to conduct International Technical Seminars, International Instructor Courses, and International Umpire Courses with Certification across Europe. GM Miller joined the UKTA Master’s Council in 2003, and has represented UKTA at British Taekwon-Do Council meetings since 2002, where he currently serves as ITF Officer. In 2009 Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong appointed him as a member of the ITF Technical & Education Committee. 


As part of the 100 Year Anniversary of the birth of TKD Founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi, on 9th November 2018 GM Miller was promoted to the rank of Grandmaster in Pyongyang, DPR Korea, by ITF President Prof. Ri Yong Son. 


“Taekwon-Do is the tool which enables me to meet and train with many extraordinary and amazing people around the world. My success in & appetite for Taekwon-Do are inspired by, and dedicated to, the love and support of all my family (Especially my wife Diane and children Kirsty, Faye and Liam), my brothers & sister, and all of my students past & present, who inspire me even today”.

Promotional Timeline

1 Dan September 1983
2 Dan March 1985
3 Dan March 1987
4 Dan March 1990
5 Dan September 1993
6 Dan September 1998
7 Dan August 2003
8 Dan June 2010
9 Dan November 2018


Gold Team Power WC Budapest 1988
Gold Team Pattern EC Davos 1990
Gold 4 Dan Pattern EC Reading 1991
Silver Team Pattern EC Budapest 1984
Silver 3 Dan Pattern EC Davos 1990
Silver Ind. Power EC Davos 1990
Bronze Team Sparring WC Athens 1987
Bronze Team Power EC Davos 1990
Bronze -71kg Sparring EC Kozalin 1992


Miss Kirsty Miller


Kirsty began her Taekwon-Do journey at a very young age, training within the Didcot TKD Children’s Class. She achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt in 2004 and has been assisting Grandmaster Miller in class ever since.


Kirsty holds a 4th Degree and is an International Instructor. She has vast competition experience and has represented England since 2007, winning numerous World and European medals. Kirsty captained the England Ladies Team from 2015-2017 and led them to great success, winning Team patterns bronze and silver as well as Team power bronze on several occasions.


Her competition highlights include Individual Patterns Silver at the 2017 European Championship in Liverpool, and Individual Sparring Silver at the 2017 World Championship held in Pyongyang, DPR Korea.


Kirsty won the 2017 Oxfordshire Sportsperson of the Year. Kirsty is a qualified Primary School teacher, is fully DBS checked and First Aid Trained. She particularly enjoys teaching the Children’s Class and is passionate about promoting Taekwon-Do to young people, both within Didcot TKD and her work as a school teacher.


Miss Faye Miller


Faye has also been training in Taekwon-Do since an early age. She achieved her black belt in 2006 and currently holds a 2nd Degree. Faye has competed at a National Level for many years, winning medals in Patterns, Sparring and Power breaking. 


Faye is a qualified Umpire and regularly officiates at National Championships, where she can also be found on the mat coaching our students to medal success. Like Kirsty, Faye has represented England on many occasions, most notably winning Team Patterns Bronze at the 2015 World Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Team Power Bronze at the 2016 European Championship in Thessaloniki, Greece. 


You will find Faye teaching at our popular children’s class on a Friday evening. 


Mr Andrew Haynes


Mr Andrew Haynes began training in 1998 and achieved 2nd Dan Black Belt under Master Clark before moving to Didcot in 2007 and training with Grandmaster Miller. 

In 2016 he was promoted to 4th Dan and qualified as an international instructor.  In 2020, just before the lockdown, he was promoted to 5th Dan by Grandmaster Williamson, the UKTA president.


He is a former England team member having competed in the 2006 European Championships in Greece, won gold medal in team power test in the 2007 World Championships in Slovenia, and won Bronze medal in individual 2nd Dan patterns in the 2007 European Championships in Estonia. 


He also competed in the 2007 4 Nations tournament in Exeter which saw England win the competition. More recently he can be found umpiring at national tournaments.

At the end of 2019 he was awarded the David Kimber award by Grandmaster Miller.





Grandmaster Miller is also supported by Mr Stephen Luker (6th Degree) and Miss Katy Ellis (5th Degree). Some Oxford University classes are taught by Mr Andrew Tomkinson (4th Degree). 

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