Self defence movement

Self defence movement

Taekwon-Do in its most raw form is a self protection martial art. Strip away the sparring, the competition and you boil down to an effective, powerful and dynamic martial art. 

What is self defence?

Self defence is more than just a series of locks, holds, kicks, grabs and punches. It’s a state of mind.  We practice Ho sin Sul (self defence) to enable us to fight off an assailant’s attack.  When you practice this, it is best to create an environment that simulates the real world situation you may one day find yourself in. Most situations will include a release of some sort, and a counter attack to disable your opponent with maximum effectiveness.

The grab

Too many practitioners play the role of ‘the attacker’ and grab their partner with a grip like a piece of wet lettuce. This will get you nowhere fast.  Instead create a strong grip (we are all friends) so if concerned you can ask if you are gripping too hard, but ultimately you need to practise with a grab that is worthy of a good releasing movement. Don’t make it easy for them!   

The release

Now it’s time to release. Again, releasing movement needs to be done with some vigour but don’t rely solely on strength. Speed and technique are the main ingredients here. The key is to imagine you are actually being attacked and make sure that you complete the release movement with absolute realism…otherwise your release will be as useful as a
chocolate teapot.

The usefulness of a chocolate teapot depicted above.

The Counter Attack

Now it’s time for the counter attack. This is the part of the process where you need to disable your opponent with maximum effect. One kick, strike, punch, blow or thrust should do the trick here, as long as it’s not being delivered slower than a sleepwalking sloth…. Deliver the final blow with maximum speed and you will be surprised how effective you
can be.

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Mr MacDonald V Dan

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