Rules of a Dojang Training hall

Rules of a Dojang  Training hall

Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art and much of the etiquette we follow is based on Korean culture.

Here are a few of the important things we should remember:
1.) We bow when we enter and leave the Dojang (training hall). We also stand up and bow when the instructor enters the room. This is especially important to show the proper respect for a Master or Grandmaster.

2.) When shaking hands with senior grades we put the opposite hand underneath the elbow of the arm doing the shaking.

3.) Give and receive items using two hands towards someone more senior than you.

4.) Black belts should be called Sir/Maam or Mr/Ms/Mrs (insert Surname here) by junior grades. And never call Grandmaster Miller by his first name, ever. Ever ever.

5.) Fingernails and toenails should be kept trimmed short and tidy to protect your fellow students from nicks and scratches while training. Also, deodorant is your friend.

6.) Don’t get changed in the Dojang. The Dobok consists of three parts; trousers, top and belt. If you want to take your belt off then put a tracksuit top on over the rest of your Dobok.

7.) The belt goes around your waist once and the knot should be tied right over left, then left over right. This should cause the hole in the knot to point towards the left. Also Dan grade goes on the left for Black Belts.

8.) When straightening and tidying up your Dobok, turn around or to the side. Do not do this towards the instructor or your seniors.

9.) If you want to enter a competition or train at another school then you should first ask permission from your instructor. He is unlikely to say no, but it is just polite and courteous to ask first. Then you can ask the other instructor if you may attend their class.

10.) All students should practice courtesy and modesty inside and outside the Dojang in daily life.

This is not an exhaustive list. Please feel free to discuss in the comments below and add anything else you feel is also important.

Mr Haynes V Dan

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